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This summer as always I am playing softball. I pitch or I play second base.  On Friday we played Pickaway for the third time. We finally beat them!! It was their first loss. We only lost twice so far, and the losses were from Pickaway.  But this time we got them.  I’m so ready to play them in tournaments!! The rest of the season is going to be great!

Do You Have Class?

Are you kind to others?  Are you trustworthy?  Are you honest?  To me some who has class is trustworthy, honest,  and is not mean to others.   In this post I will be writing about class.   Not the kind of class like an air plain or a classroom, I’m talking about the kind of class that’s like style.  The class that’s like the way you act towards others.

Everyone makes mistakes, including me.  But some of those people still have class.  They just have to be nice to others and have to be trustworthy, or someone who doesn’t  only thing about themselves.

I think that I have class.   I think this because, I’m nice to others and I am never mean to someone even if they are mean to me.  So here is what I want to know.  Do you have class?

One time in the hallway a boy came up to me and screamed in my face.  I didn’t say anything mean to him.   I just smiled and walked away.  This is one of the reasons why I think I have class. Also one time I was walking out of the class room and I was the last person out of there and someone in front of me drooped their pencil and I told that person they did.  I didn’t even think about taking it, even though no one ever knew they drooped it.  I knew that would be the wrong thing to do.

All of my friends have class too.  Well at least I think they do.  They are not mean to anyone, and they never hold back on speaking the truth.

This is what I think class means.  What do you think class means?  What do you think it takes to have class?  Thank you for reading this post. I really hope you comment, and give my your thoughts.

D.A.R.E. Essay

In D.A.R.E. we are writing an essay of how the D.A.R.E. program helps us stay drug-free and avoid violence in any way.  I have learned that alcohol can not only hurt the person who is drinking it, but it can also hurt someone other that the person drinking.  Like if you were in a car crash with someone who is intoxicated. It could lead to fatal injuries or possibly death.

I have learned what D.A.R.E. stands for. These are two ways that you might hear D.A.R.E. stand for:

Define- Describe your problem.

Assess- What your choices are.

Respond- Make a choice.

Evaluate- Review if you made the right choice or not.

Or you could hear:





It is important to stay drug-free and avoid violence because you could really get hurt.  You could get lung cancer from smoking, caused from tar build up.  Also you have more colds and upper respiratory problems when you smoke.  last but not least, if you play sports you could lose shortness of breath, or you can get dizzy.

In D.A.R.E. deputy Tomas brought in Mr. Dip lip and smoking Susie. smoking Susie is a doll who shows us all the tar build up you get from smoking.  She also showed us what your lungs would look like after sixth months of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Mr. Dip lip shows us how your teeth and gums would look like after a while of chewing tobacco.  I learned that after a while of chewing tobacco you can have your tongue cut off from getting mouth cancer.  But sometimes people don’t get mouth cancer, even if the person chewed tobacco for 30 years it may not affect them. I have also learned that you can NOT buy tobacco under the age of 18 because it is illegal.  But if you are older than 18 then it is legal to by tobacco.

After all the things I have learned in D.A.R.E. I Shala promise to never, ever do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. I promise this because I do not what to hurt anyone, have lung cancer, or have any type of cancer what so ever.  Also I want to play sports the rest of my life, and I don’t want drugs messing up my life of playing sports.

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Progress At Camp.

Day 1

Have you even had to be in a group with some one you don’t know? Or had to work with someone you didn’t know much about?  Well I haven’t, until I went to camp.

The whole sixth grade at my school went to Camp Oty Okwa for three days.  When we first got to camp, it was hectic. Everyone was trying to find a bunk, and who they were going to sleep with.  After we got done unpacking Willow the camp director told us to get in a big circle.  Then he announced who we were going to be in a group with.  When he told us our group I knew some of the people in mine already, like Seth, Belle, DawnAlex, Taby, and Micah.  I didn’t really know Dylan, Alan, or  Jared.

When we had lunch that evening we all sat down and ate.  When we were eating mostly all the girls talked and all the boys talked.  The only time we would talk to the boys that day was to ask if they would pass the ketchup or mustard.  We didn’t really talk that much.

Then we had our first class.  When we had our class, everyone started to talk more and more.  By the time the day was over it was like we almost felt like friends, but not quite.  We still were a little shy.

Day 2

When we woke up, we went and ate breakfast with our group.  We talked a little more than the night before.  We were learning stuff about people that we never knew.  After we talk some more we felt like friends.

After Breakfast we had our first class of the day.  When we went outside it was poring.  We had to wear layers of clothes to stay warm.  When we were at the place for our class, we had to pair up.  I was with Alex.  In the activity we had to use a compass to find cards.  This activity was mostly about team work. Our group was very good at team work. Even if we didn’t really know the person, we still did the activity.

When we went to lunch after or first class, we all talked way more than we did at breakfast.  We all talked together. Not in little groups.  All of the girls talked to the boys.  We started to know each other more.

Day 3

One the last day for breakfast, we sat boy girl.  We talked way more. We got to know stuff like how many brother or sisters the person had, and we learned about their family.

When we went to our last class for the day, we all seemed like we were best friends.  We cooperated well together.  We were helping each other out, and talking out the problems to solve the questions.

When we ate lunch for the last time, we all talked.  Not just about our families, but we talked about how much fun we had at camp.  I got to learn what everyone’s favorite part of camp was.

When we left camp, I thought that I had known my group my whole life.  I thought this because, we talked more and more each day so we really got to know each other.  Now I’m not shy around Dylan, Taby, Belle, Seth, Alex, Micah, Dawn, Jared, or Alan.

I’m glade we went to camp, and I’m glade we were split up in different groups like we were. The reason I say this is because, I made new friends.  I hope the sixth graders next year like camp as much as I did.  Also I hope they make new friends, with the people in their group.

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I’m really excited for softball this year.  I have been ready for this since winter. Most of my friends play softball. Only two or three do not. I love playing softball with Rhianna, Katie, Lexi, Sara, Kyra, Taby, Dawn, Emily.  The reason I love playing softball with these girls are because:

1) They are all so funny.

2) They are nice.

3) They good at softball.


4) They take softball serious.

This is my post about softball, and my friends that play softball. Please leave comments, and thank you for reading this.

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I Hate The Rain!

Yesterday was suppose to be my very first softball game of the season.  The only thing that ruined this game was the RAIN!!  I hate the rain because it just decided to come down the day of my game. I don’t know why it didn’t rain on the boy’s game? It just makes me mad.

I was ready for my game yesterday. I had my game face on until my coach called and said the game was cancelled. I was really looking forwards to play against the Pickaway Pirates. I can’t wait until Friday. because we get to have a game. If it doesn’t get rained out.  I really hope it doesn’t.

My Strategies For The OAA’s

In The Reading Workshop I commented on the post “Life Of A Test Grader, Continued“.  Here is what I put.

Strategies that I do before the OAA’s are…

1) I get a good night sleep.

2) I eat a good breakfast.

3) I wear comfortable clothes to school.

Strategies that I do during the OAA’s are…

1) I read the title before anything else.

2) I read all of the questions before the passage.

3) I make sure I know where the selection ends, that way I don’t miss any important information.

4) I skim through the selection, then go back and re-read it slower.

5) I restate all the extended response questions.

6) For extended response I always copy the answer to a question word from word.

These are my strategies to get ready for the OAA’s and when I’m taking the OAA’s. I hope these strategies will help you too.

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Comment To: The Life Of A Test Grader

In The Reading Workshop, we were to comment on the post The Life Of A Test Grader.  Here is my comment.

It sounds like Martha is not in a very good start today and I wouldn’t want her to score my OAA. I wouldn’t want her to because if my test is one of the last ones in the stack I would want to make it as good as possible, but Martha might not care about the long sentence I put on our test document. Especially if I had no numbers on my paper saying where I got my answer. I would make it easy for her so that wont happen.

I think I will score good on the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment). I know I will score good if I restate the question, and not make her have to look for where I got my answer. I am going to make it clear so it is easy to grade.

The OAA’s

I think everyone is going to pass the OAA’s. I think this because when we were doing the practice test everyone got good scores. Also everyone passed it.

I think the OAA’s are going to be a little hard but mostly easy. I think this because when we were doing the practice test there was only a few hard questions and the rest were easy.

I can’t wait for the OAA’s to be over with. The reason I say this is because we get to relax after wards. Also we have sixth grade camp!

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Nobody Is Perfect

In The Reading Workshop we commented on the post ” I Wanna Be Perfect“.  When people say that they want to be perfect, I think that no one can be perfect. No one is better than the person beside you. If you’re perfect, then you never make mistakes, so nobody is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. There is not one single person in the world who has not made a mistake.

Let’s just say a test is coming up. You take the test and look on Engrade at the end of the day, you see that you have a 28 out of 33. If you’re perfect you would get 33 out of 33. But nobody is perfect. Sure you may have got a B but still your not perfect.

I hate when people think they’re better than you, just because they got an A on the test and you get a B. They’re not better than you, because you maybe better than them in another class. This is my point that nobody is perfect.