Shala's Hideout

Progress At Camp.

Day 1

Have you even had to be in a group with some one you don’t know? Or had to work with someone you didn’t know much about?  Well I haven’t, until I went to camp.

The whole sixth grade at my school went to Camp Oty Okwa for three days.  When we first got to camp, it was hectic. Everyone was trying to find a bunk, and who they were going to sleep with.  After we got done unpacking Willow the camp director told us to get in a big circle.  Then he announced who we were going to be in a group with.  When he told us our group I knew some of the people in mine already, like Seth, Belle, DawnAlex, Taby, and Micah.  I didn’t really know Dylan, Alan, or  Jared.

When we had lunch that evening we all sat down and ate.  When we were eating mostly all the girls talked and all the boys talked.  The only time we would talk to the boys that day was to ask if they would pass the ketchup or mustard.  We didn’t really talk that much.

Then we had our first class.  When we had our class, everyone started to talk more and more.  By the time the day was over it was like we almost felt like friends, but not quite.  We still were a little shy.

Day 2

When we woke up, we went and ate breakfast with our group.  We talked a little more than the night before.  We were learning stuff about people that we never knew.  After we talk some more we felt like friends.

After Breakfast we had our first class of the day.  When we went outside it was poring.  We had to wear layers of clothes to stay warm.  When we were at the place for our class, we had to pair up.  I was with Alex.  In the activity we had to use a compass to find cards.  This activity was mostly about team work. Our group was very good at team work. Even if we didn’t really know the person, we still did the activity.

When we went to lunch after or first class, we all talked way more than we did at breakfast.  We all talked together. Not in little groups.  All of the girls talked to the boys.  We started to know each other more.

Day 3

One the last day for breakfast, we sat boy girl.  We talked way more. We got to know stuff like how many brother or sisters the person had, and we learned about their family.

When we went to our last class for the day, we all seemed like we were best friends.  We cooperated well together.  We were helping each other out, and talking out the problems to solve the questions.

When we ate lunch for the last time, we all talked.  Not just about our families, but we talked about how much fun we had at camp.  I got to learn what everyone’s favorite part of camp was.

When we left camp, I thought that I had known my group my whole life.  I thought this because, we talked more and more each day so we really got to know each other.  Now I’m not shy around Dylan, Taby, Belle, Seth, Alex, Micah, Dawn, Jared, or Alan.

I’m glade we went to camp, and I’m glade we were split up in different groups like we were. The reason I say this is because, I made new friends.  I hope the sixth graders next year like camp as much as I did.  Also I hope they make new friends, with the people in their group.

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